Artists in Residence

For more than a century the waterfront of Provincetown’s East End has served as the muse for many painters, photographers, writers, musicians, and others. Our location provides inspiration for many artists who regularly stay at the Watermark Inn.

We are proud to present here a selection of work from artists who stay at the Watermark Inn. The diversity of this work reflects the magical encounter with sky, beach, wind, wave and time, that are an integral part any visit to the Watermark Inn.

George Hirose,

Ralph Upchurch, photographer

John Evans,

Sue Kwasnick,

Sensible Shoes,
Barbara Blaisdell and
Tim Utt

Kathie Florsheim, photographer

Doug Ziedonis,

Dog Day
The barking black Lab pounds down the bulkhead wall, to catch the tide a hundred times playing ball. Back and forth snorting sand, shaking salt, he halts, hunching over a hole to fill it, then vaults for home exalted.

--Sandy Chadis, poet Unpacking

John Chadis,

Neil Baker,


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